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About Allied Control

Allied Control is a professional solutions provider to consult and implement practical immersion cooling technology. With the founders and supporters coming from various electronics and industrial fields, the company specializes in creating commercially feasible solutions for high density applications.

With the well known inefficiencies of traditional air and water cooled systems, the company sees its passive immersion cooling technology to play a vital role in reducing energy consumption, cutting engineering resources, and massively lower greenhouse emissions.

Consulting Services

Nothing succeeds like experience. Benefit from ours, so you can focus on what you do best. With our expertise and practical skills, we are able to pick up at any stage of development and get your project up and running before you know it. We provide initial feasibility studies, conceptual design of actual immersion cooling setups, technical consultation, and of course OEM/ODM services.



In-House Prototyping and Batch Production (SMT)

With our own in-house SMT production line we are ready to take on any rapid prototyping or small batch production job without ever leaving our desks.


Mechanical & Engineering Workshop

To round up our well balanced technical skill set, we also have CNC, milling and other mechanical equipment available within our own workshop. As you can imagine, maintaining and working with all that equipment requires a wide range of abilities, which our small but experienced team brings to the table.

Geographical Advantage & China Experienced

Hong Kong brings a unique geographical advantage when it comes to material and equipment evaluation and sourcing. In a business focused place like Hong Kong or China, slowing down is not an option. It is this, coupled with free trade, that drives a complete industry that specializes in keeping the world's factory floor going. Our team is looking back at over a decade of sourcing, manufacturing and networking in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Having direct access to this infrastructure comes with numerous benefits.


Contract Manufacturing

Allied Control offers complete electronic and mechanical contract manufacturing services in China via a small network of trusted partners. In addition, we have a number of international manufacturing partners in Germany and the USA. Our focus is complete turn-key immersion cooling solutions and high power electronics, and we are able to offer a one-stop solution for our clients.