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  • Your website mentions rack enclosures. Do you plan to enter the data center market for server cooling?

    Our focus is currently on high density hardware and not on standard servers, which only come with a couple of CPU cores and a little bit of memory to be cooled. High density hardware such as HPC (high performance computing) systems, supercomputers, GPU clusters with NVIDIA accelerators, nodes enhanced with FPGA cores or parallel processors such as the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. High density specialised electronics such as pure FPGA clusters are also ideal candidates for immersion cooling.

    Standard servers are very bulky and waste a lot of space for their heatsinks, fans and air channels. One of the major technical advantages of immersion cooling is that you don't need all that. It allows true high density systems with hardware packed in very small spaces. Server and hardware manufacturers start to realize the potential of this technology and the growing demand for cloud computing hardware (a large number of identical boards) is definitely helping to make a case for immersion cooling.

    That's why we are looking forward to manufacturers making their systems more dense and to data centers becoming more energy efficient.


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Global Projects

Hong Kong is one of the fastest-paced cities in the world. It has remained the world's freest economy since 1995, with low tax, no import and export restrictions, free trade and travel. Being located in the financial powerhouse and tech hub of Asia, we are well equipped to work on global projects. No matter how big, or small.

Hot & Humid

Most would consider Hong Kong's cramped living conditions, sky high property prices, and hazy skies as very challenging. When it comes to data centers, hot and humid climates are one of the biggest problems too. Hong Kong's power hungry infrastructure is a major disaster for the people's wallet and the environment. On the bright side, it's habitats like this that push companies to go the extra mile and make a change.