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Immersion Cooling Container Data Center


Immersion-2 Container Data Center

We are strong believers in modular data center infrastructure. Building Immersion-2 into a container will prove to be an extremely worthwhile investment, further reducing capital expenditure while providing more benefits to the user. It can move where it is needed most, without wasting money or time on building fixed infrastructure. Best of all, there is no need for access to facility water, it’s all built into the container.


DataTank™: 1.4MW Container Unit with 240kW Flat Racks

Meet DataTank™, our third generation immersion cooling design for 3M™ Novec Engineered Fluids. The DataTank™ systems allow inexpensive, efficient and rapid deployment of Supercomputer, HPC, GPU or ASIC clusters at unprecedented power densities. The patent-pending designs include full infrastructure from power distribution to immersion cooling, automation and monitoring.

With the only site requirement being power and network, deployment is unusually simple. Hardware is reduced to not much more than chips on boards, with no further mechancial infrastructure required.


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For a free immersion cooling project evaluation, feel free to use our immersion cooling evaluation form. You'll be surprised how beneficial immersion cooling can be, even on a smaller scale.


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Global Projects

Hong Kong is one of the fastest-paced cities in the world. It has remained the world's freest economy since 1995, with low tax, no import and export restrictions, free trade and travel. Being located in the financial powerhouse and tech hub of Asia, we are well equipped to work on global projects. No matter how big, or small.

Hot & Humid

Most would consider Hong Kong's cramped living conditions, sky high property prices, and hazy skies as very challenging. When it comes to data centers, hot and humid climates are one of the biggest problems too. Hong Kong's power hungry infrastructure is a major disaster for the people's wallet and the environment. On the bright side, it's habitats like this that push companies to go the extra mile and make a change.