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Allied Control CEO Kar-Wing Lau speaks at 2018 Open Compute Project U.S. Summit

Our CEO Mr. Kar-Wing Lau was invited to speak at the Advanced Cooling panel at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit in San Jose in March. Bringing together more than 3000 decision-makers and participants from the IT industry, this was a perfect opportunity to showcase how Allied Control’s innovations have led to a best-in-class power density and best-in-class energy-efficient solution that can make data centers worldwide greener and much less costly to run.

To put today’s data center industry in context, just think about the following: data centers in the US consume nearly as much energy as 7 million households. That energy need creates a carbon footprint equivalent to that of the entire airline industry. Added to which, in 2017 alone, the construction of new data centers increased by 43%. And although renewable energy is increasingly contributing to the power grid these data centers are plugged into, unfortunately fossil fuels still account for most of that electricity. As we know today, while ending fossil fuel use is certainly on the map, we are certainly not there yet.

This is where immersion cooling comes in — a solution that at first glance can seem like it’s straight out of a sci-fi novel — but is well and truly here today. Allied Control’s immersion cooling technology can save up to 90% of data center floor space requirements, and up to 95% of cooling energy needs. Given that almost 40% of the electricity need of data centers goes to cooling, it’s easy to see how immersion cooling can generate considerable savings in energy and in real estate costs for the data centers of both today and tomorrow.




If you’re unsure of what immersion cooling is and how it can help your data center, above is a quick “crash-course” video for you to watch, produced in partnership with 3M. Below, some data center numbers at a glance.